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Iconic Brands: aden + anais

At That’s mine, we have the pleasure of working with the most incredible brands, that supply us with some of their high-quality products that we then personally embroider. We believe wholeheartedly in our motto, ‘Everyone an individual’. Therefore, we wanted to take some time to learn more about each brand we work with, what makes them extra special and why you should love them too.

Who is aden+anais?

We wanted to celebrate one of our brilliant suppliers, aden + anais, and their great products. They are a lifestyle baby care brand that specialises in muslin swaddle blankets, in a variety of different colours, patterns and sizes.

The brand’s founder, Raegan Moya-Jones was born and raised in Australia, and grew up with the practice of swaddling babies. This is an Aussie tradition to comfort their children in the soft fabric. In 1997, Raegan then moved to New York City with her husband, spending ten years in sales at a weekly news publication The Economist. She then became pregnant in 2003 with her first child, Anais, and loved the fact she could carry on the tradition of swaddling her baby. However, in America there wasn’t many swaddle blanket options, the only ones available were made of materials like fleece, flannel or heavy cotton, which Raegan didn’t think were right for swaddling her child.

Because of this, she introduced the first muslin swaddle blanket to the US in 2006. Therefore, aden + anais was created. The American audience loved these blankets for their children, because of their quality and softness for the baby’s skin, and also their creative modern look. From then on, aden + anais became a lifestyle baby care brand, selling all over the world.

About aden+anais products

Their products are available in 65 countries worldwide, and their collection includes an entire range of multi-purpose swaddles, bibs, blankets, sleeping bags, nursery bedding, muslin clothing and much more. Aden and anais also supply us here at That’s mine, with lovely sets of muslin swaddles, comforters and blankets, and we then personalise and embroider these and sell on our own platform and other third-party platforms. Check them out here:

Aden + anais continue to create their breathable and beautiful products perfect for children, and are more successful then ever! Check out the official website here

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