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Calling All Pinners! That’s mine Pinterest has arrived!

We love Pinterest for inspiration and sharing ideas!

In the past few months, we’ve heard so many great things about Pinterest and how much people love it. So, we decided why not actually use it ourselves? We’ve discovered whilst creating our That’s mine Pinterest profile, how much we love the platform, not only for sharing our products but also to find our own inspiration.

A positive corner of the internet

Pinterest has been described as the ‘future of the internet’, as users find it’s a safe place, a personal place, a positive corner of the internet where you can fill it with images of anything inspirational, creative or useful. It’s different to other social media platforms, as other social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are mainly about connecting with other people, whereas Pinterest is about connecting with yourself. Pinterest is also not the place to read the news or debate politics, as anything like that is not allowed to be included on user’s profiles. It’s truly a place where the user can visualise possibilities for their own life, where they can be themselves and immerse themselves with visually creative and stimulating images and videos. 95% of users say Pinterest is a place that inspires them, and it also reaches the audience at that moment of inspiration.

Find that moment of joy!

Pinterest’s UK community is one of the largest in the world, and in a year that’s been so difficult, many have turned to Pinterest to look for those moments of joy. This is exactly why we wanted to join the platform, as perhaps That’s mine could be that moment of joy you’ve been looking for. We wanted to have another platform where you can connect to your content, and perhaps find the perfect gift you’ve been looking for, or maybe just learn a bit more about us!

Find the perfect gift

On our profile, you can shop for any of our products, and each link we take you exactly where you need to be on our website. Also if you check out our boards, we’ve carefully curated each section to help you narrow down your search for a personalised gift, whether that be in colour or season! Or you can check out our That’s mine <3 board and see what we’re getting up to! 

If you’re an avid Pinner yourself, then please check us out on Pinterest, @thatsminecouk, and give us a follow! 

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