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Manchester: That’s mine’s guide on places to go

Recently, I decided to venture out and take a trip to Manchester. For those of you who aren’t from the North,Manchester is a major city in the North West and carries a very rich industrial heritage. Most buildings are the original architecture and have been converted into modern restaurants, shops and attractions on the inside, however the exterior still shows the history of Manchester as a ‘textile powerhouse’. More can be learnt in the Science and Industry Museum.

I did want to visit the Christmas markets but couldn’t resist checking out a few cool places around Manchester, so I thought I’d mention a few other places I visited first on my day out, as there’s so many amazing things to do in Manchester, and lucky for us, it’s right on our doorstep.

As I arrived, I decided to have a spontaneous look inside the Manchester Science and Industry Museum. The museum houses the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway station and the world’s first railway warehouse, built in 1830. It’s devoted to the development of science, technology and industry, and how Manchester as a city have done this and continue to celebrate this. I wanted to quickly have a look at the textiles gallery they have, as it shows you all about Manchester’s relationship with cotton, and the making of fabrics, showing you all the machinery, they used to use in the mills and factories.

The interesting demonstrations and talks help you find out exactly what life was like 150 years ago for the workers in these mills, and the journey of how cotton is processed from its raw state to the finished product. I learnt that children as young as five were working long hours in the mills, this being told also to a class of 5-year olds on a primary school trip!

I definitely recommend visiting, as I found it extremely interesting, given that That’s mine is an embroidery business! The museum is definitely a must for a day trip into Manchester, not just show casing the textiles gallery, but also many other exhibitions!

Despite how much I could have stayed there all day, I ventured further into Manchester, and came across the Albert Hall. The Albert Hall wasn’t open therefore I couldn’t have a peek inside; however, I did come across The Albert’s Schloss, a restaurant situated underneath the hall itself. I was drawn in because of the incredible Christmas decorations!

Albert’s Schloss is a Bavarian-style beer cellar for traditional German food. It describes itself as Manchester’s first bohemian bier palace, cook haus and bakery. They also have showtime entertainment and live music.

I immediately fell in love with the décor they had, a true representation of a Bavarian Christmas, perfect for matching the Christmas market stalls outside. Complete with traditional skis hanging on the wall and a Black Forest Gin Bar, I think it’s the perfect place to have a Christmas meal with your loved ones, or just a good day out!

I also came across this amazing little café on Princess Street next to the Town Hall. Hampton and Voúis is a vegan-friendly restaurant and coffee house, and I definitely recommend going there, as it’s a perfect quiet place to relax, beautifully designed and fantastic food on the menu. The staff were lovely!

These are just a couple of great places to visit in Manchester. It is completely brimming with lots to see and do, but hopefully this has given you a few new places to check out that you may have not known about! Go and enjoy a Christmas day out in the city centre!


Hampton and Voúis – @hamptonandvouis

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