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Angela Scanlon announces the birth of her first baby Ruby Ellen

Irish TV presenter Angela Scanlon has given birth to her first child – a baby girl.

The flame-haired TV star, who hails from Ratoath, Co. Meath, revealed she gave birth on February 25 but didn’t make the big announcement until now.

She shared a photo of the newborn tot’s feet to Instagram, alongside a That’s mine personalised blossom bunny with ‘Ruby’ on it’s little jumper.

The new mum wrote: “Ruby Ellen Horgan..Born 25.02.18 at 3.29 am – she is a dreamboat and we are so happy this little woman is ours.”

“Welcome to the world, peach”.

The 33-year-old, who is married to Roy Horgan, announced her pregnancy in late 2017 with a cute photo of herself dressed in a pink suit, pointing both index fingers towards her baby bump.

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Bath, Book, Bed Blog

Bath, Book, Bed Blog

Simple steps to a better night’s sleep – Bath, Book, Bed

bathbookbed 2

New celebrity ambassador Jo Frost – better known as Super Nanny – is helping to launch the latest BookTrust campaign as the charity’s latest celebrity ambassador.

The latest campaign from BookTrust, Britain’s largest reading charity, has been launched to help inspire a love of reading from a very early age, while also helping parents set up a comforting bedtime routine for their babies and toddlers.

Beloved parenting expert, bestselling author and television personality, Jo Frost agreed to become an ambassador for BookTrust after following their work for many years and strongly believing in the charity’s mission to inspire every child to read confidently.

“I have found during my 20 years in childcare that when children are read to it can have a wonderful calming effect on them,” said Jo, “Reading doesn’t just give children a head-start in learning; the ritual of sharing a story and providing special time for parents and carers to build a strong and loving relationship with their child is vital.”

“I believe every childhood should be enriched by books – that’s why I’m looking forward to working with BookTrust to ensure all children get to experience the joy of a story,” she added.

BookTrust chief executive Diana Gerald commented: “Reading changes lives. Books bring knowledge and reading develops empathy. It can help children who are going through difficulties – whether it’s by reading about people in similar circumstances, or simply escaping into another world. We want families everywhere to prioritise books and reading, even if they’re not confident readers themselves. It’s such an easy way to make huge difference to your child’s future. By working with Jo Frost we know we will be able to spread this message to even more families and support them to read with their children.”

“We know how exhausting the bedtime battles can be. That’s why we’ve devised Bath, Book, Bed: a simple solution to sleepless nights. We know that a regular nightly bedtime routine is associated with improved sleep in young children. And we think there’s nothing better than snuggling up and sharing a soothing bedtime story to send them off to the land of nod.”

Here at we have wonderful personalised towels, cuddlerobes, character snuggle robes and bathrobes which can enhance and provide fun at bath time. We also have some gorgeous personalised blankets, comforters and soft toys, which can help the ‘snuggling up’ process as your little one settles down to read a book. The whole routine can become a very personal and bonding time. As we say at That’s mine ‘everyone is an individual’ so enjoy that special reading time with your unique little one.

Add in a personalised bookcase or bookshelf from and you have the perfect start to creating a ‘bath, book, bed’ night time routine.


Jo Frost is supporting the new BookTrust Bath Book Bed campaign to encourage the fundamental bedtime routine, which will help all the family sleep well, encourage a love of reading, and promote the bond between parent and child.

Frost, who found fame in TV’s Supernanny, says: “Sleep deprivation is the most common complaint I hear from parents of young children. Tired parents and tired children are a recipe for disaster.”

“But the solution doesn’t need to be complicated regimes or expensive gizmos. A routine as simple as bath, book, bed can get young children to settle, so everyone can benefit from a good night’s sleep.”

“Kids need to feel safe and secure when they sleep, and when you spend quality time reading stories to them, you wind yourself down as well as your children, through the love of storytelling.”

“It can be tactile too – you play with their hair and rub their back, they turn the pages.”

“The routine helps them wind down, and there are fewer interruptions during the night because there’s less anxiety, as parents have given them their loving time before they go to sleep, and the child feels settled,” explains Frost.

“Parents think there’s some magic fairy dust that will help kids sleep, and there isn’t – what you need is bath, book and bed. Encouraging parents to do it is a big deal.”

She stresses that bedtime shouldn’t be about TVs and tablets, pointing out: “It’s not the same as having the reassurance and safety, security and comfort of their loved ones around them to nurture and look after them.”

“It’s my hope that families understand the enormous impact they can make in their children’s lives with a few minutes of fun reading each night.”

At That’s mine personalised embroidered gifts we totally agree with Jo and Diana. We can’t think of a better preparation for a good night’s sleep than a cuddle and a bedtime story……preferably with their That’s mine personalised blanket, comforter or favourite soft toy to help them snuggle down!

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The Liberty of London Connection

Liberty of London recently contacted That’s mine and commissioned a personalised towel with a difference.  This very unique towel took centre stage in one of their amazing window displays, advertising their menswear department and chocolate shop.

Elaine has had a long connection with Liberty of London which started over 30 years ago. While studying her Textile Design Degree at Trent Polytechnic she was first introduced to their wonderful collection of designs and textiles.  Even Paul’s wedding waistcoat was made from a Liberty woven silk brocade which was so expensive that she took the actual pattern pieces to their fabric department and laid these out on the fabric in order to buy the exact amount needed! Elaine has also worked with Liberty on a number of projects throughout her professional career in textiles.  So it’s wonderful to be reconnected once again with such a prestigious British company.

Liberty has been at the cutting edge of design and the decorative arts since 1875. Arthur Liberty borrowed £2,000 from his future Father in Law and took over half of 218a Regent Street with three dedicated staff. Devoted to his vision of an Eastern Bazaar and determined to change the look of homeware and fashion, Arthur Liberty’s collection of ornaments, fabric and objects d’art proved irresistible to a society intoxicated by Japan and the East. Within eighteen months the loan was repaid, the second half of 218a Regent Street was bought and neighbouring properties were added to house the ever-increasing demand for carpets and furniture.

By 1884, Arthur Liberty was working with Costume Society founder Edward William Godwin creating in-house apparel to challenge the fashions of Paris. As a Royal Warrant holder dedicated to quality, Liberty also forged strong relationships with many British designers, most famously the protagonists of the Art Nouveau movement. These are traditions that continue today in the store’s commitment to inspirational, impeccably made goods and services.

“I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones” Arthur Liberty

“Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper” Oscar Wilde

Recently Elaine had the pleasure of meeting Gill Cochrane from the Fashion and Textile Museum, London.  The museum is currently hosting an inspirational exhibition “Liberty in Fashion” and celebrates the 140th anniversary of the company. The exhibition charts Liberty’s history as ‘the’ fashionable place to shop as well as its role as the source and originator of key trends in fashion history. Over 150 garments, textiles and objects demonstrate Liberty’s strong relationships with designers since 1875, from Arthur Silver of Silver Studio to collaborations with Jean Muir, Cacharel, Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood.

There is still chance to see this fantastic exhibition which runs until 28th February 2016.  The museum also organises many creative workshops, talks and courses throughout the year

Liberty of London photos for BLOG

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That’s mine fans are all around the world!

That’s mine is global! We have many fans and followers from all over the world. Here are two of our American fans, Edie and William, who were born and live in Joshua Tree, California, USA. They love the Joshua Tree desert but they also love to visit their Grandma in Pennsylvania and their Gran, Grandie, aunts, uncles and cousins in England.

Edie is 11 years old and enjoys playing her trumpet, reading, drawing, knitting and her new passion of crocheting. She is well versed in the world of ‘My little pony’ and is a great soccer goal keeper!

William is 9 years old and loves to play his saxophone, draw and play soccer, basketball and baseball. Together they play minecraft and are learning archery. They also have two dogs, Skippy and Toby and a cat called Suki.

Thank you Edie and William for sharing some of your interests and hobbies with us. Keep enjoying the California sunshine! x

 Edie and Will

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The Adventures of Oscar and Phoebe in the Mediterranean Seas

Welcome to the travel blog of Oscar and Phoebe from their wonderful holiday in the Med, written by David Airey of DIA-images photography.
These wonderful Ragtales characters are available from That’s mine personalised embroidered gifts. Get your personalised Ragtales now and start creating your own unique stories and adventures!

Please click on the link below to read all about their holiday cruise………..

Oscar and PhoebeOscar and Phoebe sunsetOscar and Phoebe ship

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That’s mine website is here!

Hi there and welcome to the very FIRST blog on the brand new That’s mine website. That’s me in the photo……..looking very cute and very young! I was 2 and a half years old and one of the first ‘That’s mine’ models, along with my cousins and friends. This shows you how long the company has been going……I am nearly 17 now….wow, where has the time gone?

My mum and dad set the company up all those years ago (and it is still going strong today) In fact the phrase ‘my how you’ve grown’ could apply to me, my friends and That’s mine!

The company has had a bit of a relaunch recently, a brand new website, new baby and toddler models, lots of new products, wonderful new brands being added to the best selling ‘That’s mine’ classics, new social media and a blog!

I do hope you like this new website and all the wonderful products and gifts amongst it’s pages………everyone is indeed an individual! x

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