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That’s mine website is here!

Hi there and welcome to the very FIRST blog on the brand new That’s mine website. That’s me in the photo……..looking very cute and very young! I was 2 and a half years old and one of the first ‘That’s mine’ models, along with my cousins and friends. This shows you how long the company has been going……I am nearly 17 now….wow, where has the time gone?

My mum and dad set the company up all those years ago (and it is still going strong today) In fact the phrase ‘my how you’ve grown’ could apply to me, my friends and That’s mine!

The company has had a bit of a relaunch recently, a brand new website, new baby and toddler models, lots of new products, wonderful new brands being added to the best selling ‘That’s mine’ classics, new social media and a blog!

I do hope you like this new website and all the wonderful products and gifts amongst it’s pages………everyone is indeed an individual! x


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