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That’s mine guide to Alternative Christmas Decorations!

The That’s mine family have been celebrating Christmas year after year of course, but we have to be honest, we might actually be getting slightly bored of the same old decorations. So, who says your Christmas decorations have to be traditional? You can switch your décor up anyway you like, to feel fresh and new in the winter season. Here’s some ideas to change up your style at Christmas!

  1. Alternative Christmas Trees

Whether you’re on a budget this year, or just want to change the look of the traditional Christmas tree, there’s so many different ideas to choose from. If you don’t want to take up space with your tree, then perhaps consider a wall sticker tree, great for space saving and also easy to take off. There’s the newspaper tree idea, a fun crafty thing to make with your kids and very eco-friendly. Also, if you want to stick to the tree itself, maybe make the look more modern by using a different style of tree or plant, like these cactus Christmas trees! This is one of our favourites!

2. Got a bad case of tinselitis…

We’ve heard that many people prefer not to use tinsel on their Christmas tree, many people don’t like the look of it. The first crazy idea we came across was using the tree garlands as your tinsel, on a bare tree frame! Also, you can subtly change up the décor by using other things, like pom poms! We are obsessed with using these on Christmas trees, and also used them in our recent Christmas photo shoot! Or, just double your number of baubles, and twinkly lights!

3. Alternative advent calendars

Nowadays many people are getting a bit bored of the same old chocolate advent calendars, so there’s so many alternatives you can choose from to switch it up and receive a different kind of mini present for those exciting 24 days leading up to Christmas. Here’s some ideas if you don’t like choc advent calendars or if you just want a different idea! You can create your own and choose your own mini gifts to wrap for each day. Also, our Phoebe had her own handmade advent calendar last year, shown on the left image below, they are even a great decoration for your home!

4. Edible Decorations

Make decorations that look and taste good! There are loads of ‘sweet’ ideas, like stained glass biscuits, sweetie baubles, popcorn and marshmallow tinsel, and candy cane sleighs! There’s a link you can follow at the end of this blog to learn more about how to make these edible decorations.

5. Personalised Décor

Personalisation is such a popular thing now, of course we would know! There are lots of Christmas decorations to get personalised and hang on your tree or around your house! There’s lots of places online to get your own personalised baubles or maybe even a personalised stocking (hint hint

6. Alternative Christmas Wreaths

If you’re tired of the same old traditional garland wreath, here’s some alternative ideas for modern wreaths, some made from just baubles, perhaps in other shapes instead of the traditional circle wreath or made out of, our favourite, pom poms! You can make edible wreaths too, here’s one made out of macaroons!

We also found that there are lots of modern ideas for new different Christmas décor even on the high street. Elaine and Amelia found this on their recent trip to London at the weekend. During their very busy and exciting trip they found some time to visit new and old Bond Street, to see all the 2018 Christmas shop windows and also took a look inside Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason to see all the festive decorations.

Selfridges’ new Christmas theme is called Selfridges Rocks Christmas, a festive glam rock style influencing all the décor, including David Bowie baubles, drum kit trinkets and an almost ode to ‘Slade’ window display! They even found a cactus with a Santa hat! This is perfect for an alternative Christmas theme. If you get a chance go and visit your local Selfridges to see more!

Follow these links to read more about alternative Christmas decorations:

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