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Weekend Personalised Products Photo Shoot

That’s mine’s most recent photoshoot was full of babies, busyness and bushels of bunnies! The shoot took place over a two-day period, the first day solely based on product photography and the second with our incredible models! We brought a massive amount of stock (all the bunnies, blankets and babywear you can think of!) to the shoot, based in a local social club who kindly let us work there. Then was creating the set, equipped with toyboxes and handmade pom poms! We wanted to share with our consumers a sneak peek of what’s to come, and also appreciate the effort everyone put into this weekend photoshoot, as it definitely should not go unnoticed!

First of all, a HUGE thank you goes out to Dave Airey and Joanne Airey from DIA Images Photography, for their dedication and hard work! Their amazing talent and effort with styling and photography made the images perfect. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page!

Another massive thanks go to all the marvellous ‘supermodels’! Two wonderful families with the cutest babies agreed to be part of this weekend, succeeding in creating the cutest photos! We truly appreciate their willing to take part, as this supports our company in a fantastic way. You’ll see these new model images soon!

Have a look on our Facebook page and Instagram page, as you may see some sneak peeks from the shoot of what’s to come, including new products and ranges, maybe even a Christmas collection! We can’t wait for you to see this, but for now, there are lots of personalised teddies and bunnies and other soft toys available on our website,

Also, this is what it looks like after two days non-stop photography!

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