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Born to be wild!

At That’s mine we love to keep up on the latest trends, so all animal lovers out there, rejoice! Animal print is everywhere in fashion right now, so why not give into your animal instinct this autumn? We love the idea of creating your baby’s personalised jungle at home.

If you’re the person who likes to keep up to date on trends, and change your style of fashion and your home each season, you’ll have definitely heard that animal print is the big autumn/winter trend for 2018. The trend dominated the international shows at fashion week, mostly zebra, leopard and cheetah prints. Since ancient times animal print has been popular, as it was considered expensive and extraordinary to own garments made from actual animal skin. Of course, nowadays, society has become aware of how this is unacceptable and understand the ethics, so now we celebrate the beautiful wildlife in the world by replicating the incredible natural patterns, with other fabrics. People love animal print as its very aesthetically pleasing, as it brings the feeling of being one with nature, and is refreshing to see, like the colour green, which is soothing and reminds the mind of environment, signifying health and life.

We also love this theme to decorate a nursery, complete with animal print, wild animal toys and framed cartoon/drawn wildlife. Jungle themes, or safari themes are very playful, easy to style with natural patterns and textures. It’s perfect for a gender-neutral themed nursery, instead of the traditional blue for boys and pink for girls. Animal themed nurseries are inclusive for every child, with an extra fun aspect added, a perfect fit for your little cub!

That’s mine have an amazing range of Jellycat wild animals to complete your safari nursery, check them out now on our website, personalised just for you!

And what better way to celebrate this trend, than a trip to Africa! Our very own marketing assistant, Talia, went on a 3-week adventure to Zimbabwe, and travelled around from Victoria Falls, to Hwange, then to Bulawayo. It was a fantastic holiday, with multiple game drives and safaris every day and a once in a lifetime opportunity, actually seeing the big five! To see these extraordinary animals up close was such a pleasure, and really helps you understand the importance of keeping them safe.

Now more than ever before, it’s an essential requirement for us to teach children the importance of nature, animals and wildlife conservation. Unfortunately, many of us have a minimal connection to nature. Kids having a strong appreciation for nature and animals from an early age would really help to change the views of the future generation that will safeguard the environment. By introducing this into your home through the medium of fun and teddies, it’s the perfect way to perhaps spark your child’s interest into learning about wildlife and its conservation. These Jellycat animals will not only look great in your jungle themed nursery, but also be your child’s personalised mascot for environmental education!

Learn more about wildlife conservation on these websites:

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