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2022 Baby Name Trends

Baby Names – the popular, the unique and the classic

Believe it or not, choosing your baby’s name can be one of the most important decisions you make as a new parent. Your child will of course, carry that name forever! That’s why it’s crucial you pick the right one that fits your bundle of joy perfectly. But never fear! We’ve found the following list of beautiful baby name trends, including some trendy, classic or unique picks.

Baby name trends are forever evolving, some families like to keep up with the popular of-the-season names and some would rather call their child something classic. BabyCenter have released their first 2022 list of baby name trends that new parents are loving right now, and we’ve picked some of our favourites! Check out it out for some inspiration!

Baby Name Trends – Our 2022 Top Picks


Olivia, a female name with English/Greek origin, meaning Ancestor’s Descent, and has been a front runner in the most popular baby name trends for decades. It was derived from the male name, Oliver, which is a derivation of the old Norse name, Áleifr. The name was first used by William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night, the wealthy countess Olivia who falls in love with Viola, a woman disguised as a page named Cesario. Common nicknames of Olivia include Olive, Liv, Livvy and Libby.


Noah is a Hebrew name meaning ‘rest’, ‘comfort’ and ‘peace’. In the biblical story, God chooses Noah to build an ark and gather animals ‘two by two’, in order to survive the great flood. Noah is primarily a male name, but has been known to be more unisex in recent years. Noey and No are common nicknames for Noah.


A definite top pick of ours! The name Ava has several possible meanings since its origins are unclear. Many think it derives from the Latin ‘avis’, meaning ‘bird’, or a short form of the Hebrew name ‘Chava’, meaning ‘life’ or ‘living one’. Ava enjoyed a small bump of popularity in the early 1950s, with movie star Ava Gardner being the leading lady of the era.


The name Elijah dates back to the Old Testament of the Bible, and derives from a Hebrew phrase “Jehovah is my God.” It’s the name of an Israelite prophet in the First and Second Books of Kings in the Bible, who was a prophet known for defending the worship of God and performing miracles in God’s name. Elijah has rocketed to popularity and stayed there since the 1990s.


Amelia is a classic name that has grown increasingly popular in recent years! The name is of Latin origin, meaning ‘industrious’ and ‘striving.’ Interestingly, Amelia became quite popular in 18th century Europe when Kings George II and III named their daughters Amelia. Diminutive forms include Amy, Mia, Emma and Emily.


The name Oliver is derived from the old Norse name Áleifr, meaning ‘ancestor’s descendent’, but also has roots in France, as olivier in French means “olive tree.” The olive tree has long been associated with peace, dignity, fruitfulness, and beauty.


The name Luna means “moon” in Latin and in several languages with Latin roots, including Spanish and Italian. Luna was a moon goddess in ancient Roman mythology, and is often depicted in Roman art driving a white chariot drawn by horses or oxen. Many celestial names and mythology references are on the rise, staying common in the world of baby name trends.


Liam is an Irish name meaning “strong-willed warrior” and “protector.” It’s a shorter form of the Irish name Uilliam, which originated from the Frankish Willahelm, meaning “helmet of will.” Liam became the second most popular U.S. boys name in 2014, staying there until it became number one in 2017. Parents around the world have started to recognize the appeal of Liam, including those in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Although the majority of baby names are highly associated with gender, the That’s mine team believe gender shouldn’t play a massive role in the process of selecting your baby’s name. Choose what feels right for your little one!

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